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Maybe other people will try to limit me but I don't limit myself.(Jim Carrey)

miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010


Many people will get in and out of your life.
But some people will put footprints on it.

Some of those people will come and stay for a while .Some people will enjoy being with you..all the time.

People and people will change their thinking in front of you, but you can keep thinking the way you normal do.
Some people bring in a relationship trust , some people bring happiness, some bring tears., but you can bring them joy..and some nice thoughts.

Some people can destroy everything using just words.,but some people can build a great masterpiece using them.
Many people will judge you by looking at your clothes,but just a few of them will really see what you're wearing.
Many people will try to help you,but not many will do it just for your own good.
Too many people will say "I love you" , when they don't feel it's true. But just some people will truly feel it , without saying to you.

A large number of persons..will come in and out of your life. If you choose them,you can live it as you want.

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