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Maybe other people will try to limit me but I don't limit myself.(Jim Carrey)

joi, 17 decembrie 2009

Dã bad ones are humans

I’m still loving the space between us,but there’s a place where you are in me,and I’m above your head..So we are dreaming about each other,we wanna love and live in loving every single day, but there’s a chance to never change so the ice will be break,because Dã dreams hurt our reality .

Who is the most important human beings in this year? Nobody? So I take a chance on saying I’m in love with you,and dreaming about the poison of the letters.I mean I’ll spend all the time left of 2009 for looking and having fun. I wanna take this chance on being free; I need to be free.

I’m a friend.I think I’m very interesting of being a good friend. I’m soo happy when I’m asking for a friendship.I’m soo happy when I see I have friends there for me. I live my life for being free and happy and strong and weak and nice and bad and good and beautiful and ugly and and…all the fucking things I wanna be.

Stop screaming in my head,little maDãr fuckers ! Cause from today I’m the human I wanna be, not the only one you’re going to see every day. I’m too bad right now,so I must reach your heads later.

The End of "Human can be bad" part. 1 by Oana

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