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Maybe other people will try to limit me but I don't limit myself.(Jim Carrey)

sâmbătă, 13 februarie 2010

I feel isolated...Don't wanna communicate.

What do I feel? I feel a big hole in my mind,in my heart and in my soul. I feel empty like a bottle on the sea.I have many memories,but none of them makes me feel OK right now. What the fuck happens to me? I really can't figure it out.I just feel like I can't say what I wish or what I want. This is a big shit! Every single day of my life I knew what I should do in my life,but now,now it's like all the greatest things falled down and my mind with them.I can't join any crew,any group,any friendships. I'm soo fucking alone,that I scream and feel like nobody hears me anymore. I scream like for myself, but I still dream that I can't do it anymore.

Is this a bad dream or smth? What the fuck should I do?

I'm getting nervous. I must be ...someone. But who? Who am I? Am I a girl who knows what to say? Am I a bitch who walks her dog? Am I a girl that rocks everyone to say "Hell,yea"? I don't realize who I am. Can I get any help? Nobody cares. So! Fucking shit! I feel isolated...Don't wanna communicate.Feeling frustrated,unconscious,like dreaming and something like stupid.I feel isolated,irritated and totally eclipsed.

Down in soul streets. It's just one day with teenage crises.

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