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joi, 25 martie 2010

Don't even bother !

She’s been to private school
And she speaks perfect French
She’s got the perfect friends
Oh isn’t she COOL!

She practices Tai Chi
She’d never lose her nerve
She’s more than YOU deserve
She’s just far better than me

Hey Hey

I won’t die of deception
I promise you won’t ever see me CRY
Don’t feel sorry
I’ll be fine
But she’s waiting
The ring you gave to her will lose its shine
DON’T BOTHER, be unkind
(lyrics from Don't bother,Shakira)

So this song makes me feel the way I feel. Such as an idiot that may lose herself.I feel stupid like an alien lost on his way..Such a bizare feeling that I thought I might be strong..but I really feel like I am down and I feel such as a big stupid lamb..
I think I''m tired of taking risks , so whatever can happen with myself. Don't even look at me!
Lost is the suposition of making love songs or funny stories makes me feel quite nervous,but realizing that I am stronger that I know I do all my best to keep me on Earth.
Even if my head is above the sky my small legs are on the strongest secure place named home.
So very quick I am going to tell you a few songs for the theme : "Don't even bother!"
Shakira-Don't bother
Stage Dolls - Love don't bother me

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