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Maybe other people will try to limit me but I don't limit myself.(Jim Carrey)

joi, 25 februarie 2010

30 minutes to finally decide

I wanna decide about growing up,but now my choises have a lot of promises behind which are not really real..So I hope in the near future I'll decide about what I wanna be,must be,will be and what I am. Unfortunately,at this moment,I'm a teenager lost in dreams which are soo damned and pink that I can not face all my friends ideas in my head. I need some free space for thinking and some good friends to enjoy this short life we have.
Decide...Decide..Come on! What's the greatest thing you can do in life? I think "having fun" it's the answer.
We all must decide on having a good time and trying to live all the days of our life like we should be heros on a great race of passion and happiness.

In more 30 minutes I'll decide about who I am.
so ... Who am I ?

Un comentariu:

  1. Esti un spirit liber.Nu incerca sa iei decizii doar de dragul de a te schimba.E perfect asa cum erai,dar daca tu insisti nu esti singurul lucru care se va schimba,vei schimba si lumea din jurul tau,ceea ce deja ai inceput sa faci.Cred ca ar trebui sa stii ca nu esti nimic din cea cu care vrei sa te schimbi.pito!